Sunday, September 26, 2010

Is age slowing me down?

I have been meaning to write for several months but am too tired and too busy. I remember when I worked in the construction field and could work all day and play all night and still have energy that following day!
Lots has been going on in the greenhouse and garden. It was a strange year for vegetables and flowers. I harvested more cucumbers than zucchini's and one patch of tomatoes did very well but another grew lots of fruits but never ripened.
The lily crop that I counted on for Market was sporadic at best. Some are just now emerging and others are now blooming for the first time. My strawberry roots I planted in late spring never did anything, but the rhubarb was fantastic.
Market showed the recession hit a bit with slightly smaller sales, plus the weather didn't always cooperate.
The egg scare helped us knock home how important local raised fresh foods are for everyone. Of course there wasn't enough eggs to make everyone happy, so I currently have 25 baby chicks in the greenhouse to add to the flock this winter.
The greenhouse needs cleaning again.  Houseplants waiting for the new sun-room, a few basil plants, some squash that grew under the benches. And no matter how much I stress "plants only", there is a continual stream of empty pots and flats, fertilizer containers, and miscellaneous stuff that doesn't belong there. I guess I need to put "potting shed" on the long list of to-do's.
The kitchen is a disaster with all the canning paraphernalia needed for the jams, pickles, and vinegars made and being made. I haven't seen the dining room table all season as it is loaded with cases of jars, both empty and full. Gallon jugs are full of flavored vinegars, branches of dill hang over paper bags to collect the seeds. The sauerkraut ferments in a crock in the corner, and various containers of seeds collected here and there dry for next years planting.
Well, I am writing this as opposed to cleaning the office which I set out to do this morning. But the beautiful day drew me outside to walk amongst the last of the blooms, to watch the frogs, turtles, and koi in the pond, and to tear up some weeds to feed to the chickens. And now the day is waning, and I better have some work done to show for it.
So now I vow to try and find more energy to do everything I want to do  and still find time for this blog. Wish me luck!