Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This and That

Well, again, too much time has passed since I was on here. I could make excuses. Business taxes need to get done, big sales at Joanns and Michaels, organizing the craft room and going thru old photos. Well that has been happening, but still I should be able to work this in, right? I'll try harder, I promise.
So yes, I'm trying to resurrect my craft room. It was a mess and it wasn't getting done on its own. All the linens, fabrics, and treasures in the closet were sorted out (somewhat) and sucked into space bags. Dan made me lots of shelves for the neat, flatter bags and there was still room left over for more!
Cardboard boxes were gone through and sorted into clear plastic bins. I forgot how many different types of crafts I like to do. Now if I can just start working on some of them.
There are boxes of other things to go through. I don't now if you know this about me but I am mad for flamingos. I have run out of room displaying them, so they are stored in boxes; many boxes. I visit them from time to time and really wish I could find a way to bring them all out of storage.
Oh! You would be so proud of me! I have been going through my stash of 20- plus years of magazine subscriptions. Country Living, Mother Earth News, numerous gardening and decorating and remodeling ones. One last look through them for any important and pertinent articles and then tied up and put down by the front door. I hate to just take them to the recyclers so am hoping to find a good home for them. Any takers?

Betsy and I have also been visiting lots of shops. I think I have replaced eating with shopping! But there are still great Christmas bargains to be had. Yesterday Betsy found bargain bags of decorations and greenery at Michaels for $2.00 each! And Sears had their leftovers for 92% off. You simply cannot pass up those deals!
I also met with a lovely lady who is helping me get my website up and running! You don't know how many frustrating years I have been trying to work on it myself. She seems to understand my visions for it and will try to keep me reigned in and focused. No easy task. I am so excited!
I have also been frantically searching the seed catalogs and putting in orders. I stopped at 63 varieties of tomatoes. I particularly like the early, cherries, and bush tomatoes, which will grow  in containers. There are alot of new gardeners that might not have planted veggies before and who might not have alot of space to do so. But I can tell you, after they have eaten a tomato right from the vine, they'll  be hooked!
While Betsy and I were shopping this weekend, the granddaughters were cleaning up the greenhouse, getting ready for all those seeds. Organizing benches, cleaning and stacking pots and flats, and setting up the lights. Our oldest, Jessica even found time to talk Grandpa into letting her practice driving the car. She is in drivers ed and has to log a certain amount of hours behind the wheel. Suffice it to say they all survived!

The weather has warmed here and all the snow is gone. The pond is melted and the waterfall is thunderous with all the water running over it. It, like our nearby river is almost to the point of overflowing from all the rains and snow melts.When we went for a drive the other day we saw alot of houses getting their feet wet. There has been heavy fog in the mornings so I might try to go out tomorrow and take some pictures. I like how the trees stand out so starkly against the grey-white background.
Well, I need to get to bed. Lots more organizing to do tomorrow!

P.S. Getting anxious to start decorating for Valentines Day! Look at this heart on my sunroom window!