Monday, May 15, 2017

Another Gardening Season is Upon Us!

The garden is finally awake. Although a frost again last night makes me dubious about pulling out all the plants from the safety of the greenhouse and sunroom.

Since we were nudged up a zone to 6 several years ago, our last frost date should be May 6. But true to the bi-polar weather Spokane is known for, not everything is by the book.

So for now I scan the sky and check the weather station quite often. One might say obsessively.

But when you have been caretakers of thousands of seedlings for over 8 weeks it becomes second nature.

Heaven forbid if Hubby doesn't get his pickling cucumber starts or Daughter her lemon cukes and Snow berry tomatoes!

And the weather has sure run the gamut from t-storms with power outages, snowstorms, hail, and driving rain, with the sun-breaks that dazzle.

So even with the extreme weather conditions and the fact Baby got all three of us sick, we made it through our first garden show of the year, the Garden Expo, this Mothers Day weekend.
It was an enormous success and I got to see old friends, and meet new ones.

We were like a well-oiled machine rolling out our racks of plants from the horse trailer our dear friends so kindly lend us for this event.

In the old days we hand carried the myriad amounts of flats and pots from the parking lot to our space inside.

And the weather cooperated. It waited to pour down on us after we were loaded up after the show and on the way home!

A big thank you to all my customers and my family for their help.

Now if the weather will warm and dry up so I can tackle the weeding and lawn mowing. And so I can get my own garden planted!