Thursday, February 19, 2015

Long Winter

It seems like winter is lasting forever. Granted, we have again been blessed with a mild one. More rain than snow. Not alot of the usual howling winds creating below zero wind chills. Just lots of foggy grey mornings that blend one into the other. The morning commute out to the chickens, past the pond that never really froze this year. The koi swim restlessly, in that half hibernation state. The buds are swelling in the magnolia, along the branches of the lilacs. Spring bulbs are awake and pushing up from cold but unfrozen ground.
The robins came yesterday. Flocks gathered in the cherry trees, in the windbreak trees along the property lines. Singing, calling out to each other. James said he heard the osprey yesterday. I had just commented as to when we would see them sitting on their nests at the end of our street and along the river.
The chickens look plump and healthy. They scatter in the garden, looking for plump worms and bugs in the soft dirt. Hoppy the coop bunny has picked his hen girlfriend and follows her wherever she goes. What a strange couple they make! We are getting the greenhouse ready for Spring. Already rhubarb seeds are sprouting and we are getting the benches and flats of pots out for the tomatoes and other vegetable seeds. A more cautious ordering of seeds, bulbs, and plants this year as I am not working, but I still need to keep my stock up for Farmers Market, of which I hope to add the Wednesday Market to my usual Saturday one.
I have been sending out applications for the seasons craft and vintage shows. Betsy and I have been busy scouring thrift stores for projects. Well, as best as we can since neither of us are driving and we have to rely on others who are not as welcome to the idea of spending time at the shops. the Great Cleanup has trickled down a bit from the gangbusters it was. Too many treasures unearthed in the craft room led to creating instead of cleaning! But I am proud to say I am actually getting some of the started and discarded projects finished! So in a way that is still pushing forward. As I say this I look over at my eucalyptus heart wreath that I have had for over 10 years and finally got around to adding pink rosebuds to! Better late then never, right? Dan and I are both trying to shed some additional weight brought on by our lack of being able to move around alot. It's hard when it's even a burden to walk. But hopefully the tease of sunshine and warm days will get us outdoors. I know I'm ready! Even the dogs show some extra plumpness and lethargy. This being said, I look out through the sunroom and see the sun has finally burned off the fog. It is time to go outside and do something. There are trees that need pruned. Pots and flats to collect for the greenhouse. Terrariums, fairy gardens and planters to be planted up for upcoming shows. Just get up and keep moving!