Sunday, October 24, 2010

Death Has Come To The Garden

It is the time of year I dislike the most. I try to stay positive and look forward to the Holidays and all their colors and display. But you see the devastation that the frost brings and it is really disheartening. All the accumulated work of the Spring and Summer destroyed overnight.
 My  tomato plants, outgrowing their cages, laden with tomatoes not yet ripe.  Now mushy and limp, fruits translucent. The water hyacinths in the pond, blackened. The bamboo, wisteria, and kiwi sheltering the Love Shack, bent down as if in pain.

Now the work begins to wipe away all traces of the garden that sustained us all summer. To take away all blooms and vines that thrilled us. Down come the ornaments, the lighting, umbrellas, fountains,chairs and tables. Benches go back into the greenhouse to be filled with pots of hostas, lilies, rhubarb and other plants not sold at Market.

Shovels, pruners, and hoes are cleaned, sharpened and oiled. Snow shovels are brought out in their place. Rakes are brought out in anticipation of fallen leaves.
And yet, my roses are still blooming, the sedum is in full color, and the leaves; every color of the spectrum. The koi, looking so bright against the dark water, soaking in the last warmth before heading down deep to hibernate. The birds adding to their nests bits of vine and fluff.

After Farmers Market today which was a truly cold and wet experience, I arrived home and had a burst of energy. Perhaps it was the latte I drank earlier or just the need to erase the yard of the sad dead things. With the help of my daughter piled the tomato cages we pulled up all the vegetable plants, leaving the fruits on the ground for the chickens. We emptied and stacked pots, broke down carts, trimmed back the bamboo and did a general cleanup; and what an improvement!  Now it looks promising, not quite so gray. Even with the pouring rain the brightness shines through. The vivid colors of fall are here.