Friday, February 19, 2010

A fine mess you've got me in

Oh! My office is a disaster. I need to get organized. I have seed catalogs stacked everywhere. My orders are getting placed, the seeds are coming in, and it all lands in here. I have file cabinets and folders at the ready, just to find the time to separate and file. I keep getting distracted. It is so sunny outside and I can see out the door to the backyard. The birds are singing and darting about. My mind is wandering towards ideas for the garden this spring. I will need to plant around the new sunroom (if it ever gets built) and move some plants around in the courtyard. New paths have to be laid.
But back to reality. I need to get busy. It's almost time to start the tomatoes, peppers and basil, and then there won't be time for the office.

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