Friday, October 8, 2010

Frost Is Inevitable !

Well, it's that time of year. A frost is right around the corner. So now we have to scurry around the yard looking for stray houseplants that have sat out all season, and plants we want to keep going just a little while longer. 
I found a Echeveria on the front porch that needs protection along with the red-blooming Mandevilla hanging out with the hummingbird feeder. I guess the feeders can be scrubbed out and put away for the winter too.

The sun room is almost finished. (I keep saying that) Last week I saw a picture in a magazine/book somewhere that showed a room with a shelf at the top and part-way up from the bottom all the way around the room. So of course I had to have that! Darling Hubby really hates when I pick up a mag or book! So I have been scouring my basement and shop for shelving pieces, spindles, and corbels I have collected over the years waiting for that perfect project. And then cutting, painting and assembling!

Anyway, I digress. After writing the last paragraph I went on a Google spree looking for different crafts using spindles and balusters. Now my creative juices are flowing when instead I should be outside cleaning up and carting plants to the greenhouse or loading the car for Farmers Market tomorrow.

The lilies are blooming even tho their leaves have browned and fallen off! And my rose out front is blooming. The grand kids have been eating the grapes but I think they are still sour. They need a frost to bring out the sugar.

The 25 baby chickens in the greenhouse are getting big. They are about 4 weeks old, so in a couple more I can release them into the coop with the older hens. They have really grown and put on their "big girl" feathers; well all except one who is behind schedule. She is half the size of the others and walks around with her eyes shut. She eats and drinks fine and is very tame because I have been picking her up alot to make sure she is okay. She jumps onto my arm as soon as I open the front of the cage and loves to run up onto my shoulder and put her head in my hair. All with her eyes shut. I know her eyes work because on rare occasions they have opened.
Well, I have procrastinated enough. I will post some pictures and then get to work. Unless something else gets in the way. But that frost is coming, one way or 'nother!

Okay, one more pic. This is the Angel Trumpet I purchased this year. I have wanted one for years and finally found a good deal on them. I bought 3 different colors, but have misplaced the tags so I don't know which color it will bloom. It took long enough, but there it is!

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  1. Hello Patti...Very nice photos. I remember baby chicks in my maternal Grandma's kitchen. She kept them in a box under a light near the old-fashioned woodstove...the kind that had a big pipe all the way up the wall.

    Good luck at the Farmer's Market tomorrow. Hope the day is splended, to increase sales! Susan