Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Oh the weather outside is frightful, with icy roads and bitter winds. But inside the smell of bayberry and oranges spiked with cloves, the sounds of football intermingled with Christmas carols, and the sights of decorations, lights, and very excited grandchildren!

Not too much baking this year. I am about to go into surgery and have been on a liquid protein diet for a couple of weeks so nobody is getting anything!! It was bad enough to have to prepare the Thanksgiving feast and just watch everyone else devour it.
We had a wonderful decorating party yesterday. What memories awaken when the boxes marked "Christmas" are lugged upstairs and opened. Handmade decorations  the kids had made through the years; ones handed done from loved ones no longer with us. Try explaining to a 4-year old that the "Night Before Christmas" book they find is older than Grandma! Hot cocoa awaits the frozen few that ventured out to string lights and garlands round the fence and to hang up the wreathes and flags. The fortunate ones stayed inside and put out candles, wreathes, window clings, and all sorts of finery.
It is a record this year because of my pending surgery, that all the Christmas shopping is done and all the presents wrapped.

And still, work must go on outside too. Hoses must be brought out to refill water barrels in the greenhouse and chicken coop. Paths shoveled for dogs so they will venture out and leaves mounded up on pots of various perennials to keep them frozen till spring.
I want huge quantities of snow. Hey, I won't be able to drive so why not? I want snow days so everybody has to stay home with their families. I want to hear the whine of snowmobiles running up and down the road because the cars can't make it through. Neighbors having snowball fights and kids making snow forts and sledding runs. Why can't we hibernate like the bears used to do, all snuggled together. Think how much money we could save on everything.

In the coming weeks I hope I am able to keep you posted on my recovery; my trials and tribulations; all the gory details!
Till then, embrace the Spirit of Christmas around you, down to the very smallest detail.
Joy To The World!!

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