Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm Taking A Snow Day!

So I woke up at 5am to 11 degrees, a foot of snow (more in places as it was a  blizzard), and wind gusts up to 30 mph. And this weekend we will be in the negative temperatures, not counting the wind chill. Needless to say I decided not to try to make my way to work. But I feel obligated to get lots of work done at home to make up for it.
The chickens decided they don't want to roam around outside this morning. Way too much snow and cold. In fact when I opened up the coop there was a gathering of small wild birds in with the hens. Apparently they are having a snow day too. So cracked corn and  grain for all!
Still more work in the craft room. I'm taking one of my hutches down to the shop for some of the older glassware. And I have a few more boxes to go plus a sewing machine in a beautiful cabinet that was my great- aunts.

Does anyone have suggestions or ideas for coffee syrup bottles. I have cases of these bottles from the espresso stand down the street.  I was going to use them for my flavored vinegars until I found a better bottle for that purpose. Betsy can make incense holders out of some of them and we can  melt some in the kiln, but there are still alot of them. Maybe we could hold a contest to see who comes up with the best idea?
Laundry is done. Warmed up the house and made it smell good! I think I will bake some bread. Oh shoot. My packages of yeast expired in 2003. I guess when I run errands tomorrow I will buy some more.And maybe I will make some jam. That will get the house warm.
Sat down at noon and ordered tags for the seed I bought. They are an extra cost but I like having the plants I sell well marked with a description and growing information. And besides, it helps  keep all of our tomato plants names so there won't be  'mystery plants'.
Speaking of plants, I am excited about growing some new ones this year. I think I talked about quinoa in the last blog, plus several new tomatoes bred for hanging baskets and containers. And  pickling cucumbers that can be picked small or allowed to grow without developing the bitterness. And pink blueberries! Can't wait to try them. Speaking of which I need to plan where to move the raspberries and blackberries this year so I have more garden space. I want to grow them around the chicken coop with white clover between the rows for the hens. They are so good at keeping the ground 'fluffed' up and eating all the bugs. Plus automatic fertilizers! I just finished reading about a machine that takes various animal manures and put them into pellet form. This makes for an easier handled product plus it can be used as a heating fuel in pellet stoves. The machines aren't cheap though at several thousand dollars.

Wow, the wind is really blowing. Snow is flying off the roof and swirling round corners.My flamingo windsock has been flying sideways. I am glad to be inside. Dan was out plowing so the mail-lady could get to the mailboxes.

Look what happens when Betsy brings her clippers over. Spot was the last one to be trimmed and the blades overheated so she quit halfway thru. Now he doesn't spend much time outside because the neighbor dogs laugh at him!

Stay warm everybody and wish for spring!

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  1. Wow, I don't blame you for taking a snow day! And you got a lot accomplished! I probably would have curled up on the couch with a few movies.
    How about making hummingbird feeders with the bottles? You can buy the stoppers with the tubes on and then wrap the bottle with wire and beads?? I have some old soda pop bottles I'm going to try doing that with.