Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Flamingos At Hobby Lobby!!!

Wow! Look at all the new arrivals at Hobby Lobby! I am in seventh Heaven. (What does that mean anyway?) Betsy and I were shopping for materials and look what we spotted. I had lamented when they first opened the complete lack of flamingos, but they made up for it now! Hello 40% off coupons!

They have all kinds. Small ones, big ones, goofy ones.

I wish Spring would get here. I want to put mingos out!

Can you imagine a whole flock of these lining a flowerbed?

How about around the pool or hot tub?

With vines growing up and around. Or in or near a pond?

How about an outdoor bar? Just add flamingo glasses, ice bucket, stir sticks and straws. I've got it all!

There's enough to decorate your neighbors yard as well!

It would be paradise with all that pink, wouldn't it?

Everything under the sun.

What a goofy face. Which one?

I finally found a flamingo pinata!!

Have a great day everyone, and wish for Spring!!  Think Pink!


  1. Wow, never saw so many flamingos in my life! Do you know Linda from www. She's another flamingo lover personified! You should stop at her blog to let her know what you found! Susan

  2. I had no idea we had a Hobby Lobby in Spokane now!!! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. You must have the happiest looking yard around! cute post. Blessings, Joanne