Sunday, March 27, 2011

Snow Tires Are Off And It's Snowing

Okay. I admit it. It's my fault we are having a snowstorm. We took the snow tires off my little Subaru yesterday. Sorry.
What a week it has been. Lots of trips to the doctor for follow-ups to my surgery. I am having trouble keeping solid foods down and they say I am not getting enough calories so I am in starvation mode and that is why I'm not losing the weight. Might have to go back onto a liquid diet. Going in next week for a scope to make sure there isn't a stricture keeping food from passing thru to the stomach.  Also dehydration still an ongoing battle.
Lots of blood work to check  everything and then to another doctor for the pain in my shin I'm having. More blood-work and ex-rays there. Bottom line; I'm old and falling apart!
So let's talk about Spring! The renewal. Shrubs are budding up nicely and more spring bulbs are sending up green thru the soil. And look at the moss garden on my old Subaru!

The chickens are still busy in the garden area searching out bugs and weeds and fertilizing as they move about. My newest boy is a beauty; even though he was purchased as a hen. He has quickly formed his little harem and guides them around the yard, ever alert for dangers or a tasty morsel. Peepers, our blind little girl usually stays indoors but has sometimes ventured outside.

  And you won't believe this egg I collected the other day. It is huge! Too big to put into even the jumbo egg carton.

Lots of work still going on in the greenhouse. Still planting tomatoes and other vegetables, but now also transplanting has begun. Where is everything going to fit? Luckily we have room for all the hanging baskets to go above our heads. Besides the usual big flower baskets I grow, we are planting up lots of baskets of tomatoes. They have specialty ones just for that purpose. Tumbling Tom, Micro Tom, and cherry varieties just to name a few. So it was a good idea of Dan to install conduit pipes along the roof for just that reason. I'm glad he's the one that gets to figure out how to water them!

My living wreathes I planted last week are doing good. Also started some more succulents for my hypertufa troughs I will plant up later. Boy is sphagnum moss expensive. As is the metal wreath frames I use. Nothing is cheap anymore.

The squirrel is active again. I hadn't seen him for awhile but he's back. He loves to tease the dogs.

My first show is about 2 weeks. Betsy and I are frantically getting our projects completed. It seems every time we get started on one, I come up with a new one I want to do. So lots of chaos and mess all over the house and in the garage. Betsy has become a very skilled quilter and wreath-maker among other things. I don't know how she manages to juggle work, housework, kids, car work and all the crafts she's doing! I'm glad to have such a creative partner in this business!
Here are some pictures of items I have found at various junk shops and dollar stores that we are using for projects, plus some completed projects.

 And of course, some things to decorate the house for Easter!

Well, time flies when I'm writing this,but sadly I must go to work. See you next week. Please visit my blog and leave me comments. Still want to hear your ideas for my jam business name and logo.

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