Sunday, March 11, 2012

Is It Spring Yet?

Okay, not like I'm rushing it or anything. Bot we have had two (count 'em) days of nice weather! As in temps in the 50's! Ya hoo! So it's gotta be Spring, right? The robins are back in the largest flocks I have ever witnessed. The pussy willow is pussying, and fat juicy shoots are breaking the surface and pushing up thru leaf-strewn ground.

We have been out those couple of days and got an amazing amount of work done. Trees pruned or removed entirely. Entire beds removed and awaiting replanting or reconfiguring. General clean-up and revamping.
Of course we are very careful not to walk upon the cold soil lest we ruin it for the season. No digging yet so we don't turn it into cold hard concrete. Just an occasional flick with the rake or a lean over to tug out an unruly plant.
And plans! Yes I have more plans in store for this year! Moving shrubs around. Adding new fruit trees as an espalier revolution down the front side fence. Removing the old overgrown butterfly garden. Adding a bog garden and new plantings along the north side of the pond. Widening the grass pathway on the south side of the pond to accommodate the mower. Making room for more varieties of hops.
Some may get done. Some may get started and then left  for more exciting ventures. Some may lay dormant in my mind and on pages of my garden diary till time and energy permit. But still I dream!

I fear I have been remiss in writing this blog as I have come upon an exhilarating new site called Pinterest!!!  Now if you have not hear of this, rush immediately to There you will see my 'boards' and learn about this site and in fact my interests! And by all means star some of your own  today! it has become the new social network.
I am still selling jams on Etsy and have a sale going on right now. Lots of yummies still left!
Saturday morning I went to the Kootenai county Farmers Market members meeting.This will be my 6th year there! Have lots of new ideas for it as well!

Also hoping to get into the Farm Chicks show.I seriously need help in designing my booth. Send me ideas and maybe we will have a contest!

Speaking of that; has everyone seen the new magazine "Vintage Style"? To die for! Right up my alley! And the new issue of Flea Market Style is out!

Did you see that Home Depot is the first retailer to accept PayPal as a way to pay in their stores? What a great idea.I am already signed up and got their access card. Do you?

Okay take a breath and slow down! Am I rambling. This is how my brain goes now that I am having 'menopausal dementia'. I am literally filled with bits and pieces of info that I try to get out before losing them, or periods of blankness where I can't remember something I am trying to say or do. So get it out quickly before it's gone. Whether speaking or writing. I have bits and pieces of notes written laying all over the house and stuffed in the pockets of my pants or jackets.

I am taking an online course on tax liens and deeds. It is very interesting but demanding of time. Lots of research by phone and Internet. Hopefully it will become a rewarding business venture. Dan and Betsy are my cohorts in this, but if it does fulfill what it promises, I hope to involve other family and friends.

I awoke to pouring rain this morning. We set the clocks ahead an hour so it was still relatively dark. I looked out thru the sunroom and watched the light fill the sky. The weather progressed into patches of sun then sleet and more rain. It became colder and then just as the sun set it broke thru the clouds and lit up the sky one last time.
May your days turn warm and sunny and all the beauty of the Spring flowers fill you with joy.

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