Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fall is Here

Well, we've been busy working in the greenhouse. I don't know if I mentioned but we woke up one morning several weeks ago to it on fire! Damaged the front wall and side and burned tables and plants down that side. Melted lots of exhaust fans (we think this is what started it) and wiring, a huge shelf melted with all my fertilizers on it, pots, etc. The saving grace was after it burned thru the gas line, it also burned thru the water line so it was spraying water as it burned. Still haven't got the gas bill! I found it about 5 am when I went out to open the chickens so it must have been dark when it was going for no one called the fire dept. and there must have been alot of dark smelly smoke. So we are going thru all the plants, digging the soil out off the floor, replacing benches, plastic, mechanics, etc. Lots of extra work at a busy time of year anyway. And alot of expense right now isn't welcome with all my medical bills and the fact I can't work right now. But still very fortunate that no one was hurt and the fire was contained in a small area and was able to be put out quickly. Farmers Market is still going and busy with jam making. Tomatoes and peppers are really coming on in the garden as are cukes and squash. Really a bumper crop of everything this year! I've done a couple of vintage shows and have a couple more this fall before the Christmas craft shows start. I think I've found my niche in these shows. I love the people, the 'junk' and everything about it. And just the creative process in making something out of old, found objects. I love it! Got in a camping trip over Labor Day weekend. That was alot of fun and glad the whole family was there. And everything worked in the RV which was a plus! I realized how much I miss the sounds and smells of campfires and how more relaxed everyone is. I even enjoy washing dishes outside in a dishpan with water heated on the cook-stove. trying to get together an end of the year plant sale. Need to reduce the inventory just in case we don't get plastic on the greenhouse this winter. Plus with my feet, I don't know about keeping the nursery business going like it is. I can't keep up with all the work that goes into it and Hubby is slowing down quickly with his own health problems. Lots of ideas to mull over this winter. Our granddaughter Jessica turned 20 years old on Saturday. That really makes me feel old! And another school year has started. And Christmas just around the corner! Where has the time gone? I'm still trying to spring clean and haven't got all the summer projects completed. My computer is still acting up and haven't budgeted for a new one. Hard to use Pinterest because of it and I am going thru withdrawals! And trying to keep my laser printer in toner for my crafts is a nightmare. So I am way behind on posting pictures of the shows, etc. I've been told Etsy will be going thru some major changes so trying to get more 'face' time on Facebook. But I get stalled when I check in on all my fun auction groups and go shopping instead of advertising my wares! I guess if I could post pics better I could sell some of my stuff on them. Just can't take all the time sitting here when I should be canning or in the garden or getting more stuff made for Market on Saturday. If only I could clone myself! Speaking of sitting here; my canner load is just about done so will sign off for now. Hope everyone is having a great summer and got to relax with family and friends this year. And be prepared. We have a frost warning coming down for tonight and tomorrow night. Get the covers out!

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  1. So sorry to hear about the fire. Sometimes unexpected things like that happen to us and we never know why. Guess it's better not to question. Take care, Patti. Susan