Saturday, February 25, 2017

Looking Towards Spring

I know it will come

It does so every year.

But this year I need to convince myself.

As with years behind me, there have not been glimpses of the coming Spring.

Grey remains of summers blooms in the flowerbeds.

Brown soggy patches of lawn.

Not this year.

Like layers of ancient glaciers, the first snow of the year is still here.

Instead of melting away, it has piled, showing every storm of winter.

Removing it has been tough.

we have run out of room.

It spills over fences onto the front lawn.

It has become a shroud around and behind the mailboxes.

The driveway no longer accommodates three cars wide.

It has buried the tether ball hanging from its pole. It has encroached up the sides of the RV.

It has drowned itself in the pond and raised the level up past the shoreline.

The chickens no longer want out of their dry confines. They can no longer scratch through and find ground.

Even our dogs no longer enjoy running outside to chase the squirrels and birds. We have to shovel a way out for them with each new snowfall. Or they will high center.

It just never melted between storms. It just kept accumulating.

But now it has started to melt. Now that means a different problem.

All that melted snow has to go somewhere. And it has.

Taking out driveways, over running creek beds. Flooding basements and garages and shops.

And the potholes! I have not seen them so widespread as this year.

But it is melting, and soon it will be gone.

And grey will green up.

And brown, mushy will turn firm and colored.

New life will emerge.

Thank goodness for Spring!

We have waited an eternity for you!

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