Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Widows Unite

Out in the greenhouse early this morning. I had several avocado pits that had sprouted on my kitchen windowsill and some citrus seeds ready to go. They had all needed planting for some time but hadn't wanted to go out there as I knew I would start moving plants and heavy things around. Still have to be careful what I lift since the surgery. But it was nice to go out and see the various plants growing and even blooming out there. And it looks like the scented geraniums have tripled in size. Some lilies are poking green shoots out through the soil and the fuchsias have buds. Looks like the hostas are waking up too.
Well, how many of us are finding other things to do today like our blogs, the laundry, or catching up with correspondence? Hubby tapes it for me so I can go thru later and watch all the cool new commercials. I like this commercial from last year. Is it just me or is Betty White in everything? I wonder what made her start doing all these ads, shows, and movies all of a sudden? It's great to see her.

Another busy week and still not enough getting done. More old catalogs gone thru and tied up for the poor recycle man to heave up into the truck. Might have to bake him some cookies! And  the magazines are steadily taking over a spot down by the front door. Betsy said if anyone opened the door and looked at the entryway they would call the 'Hoarders' crew immediately!

My good friend Don, who owns and operates the local feed store has given me an upstairs room to set up shop! Betsy and I are working on it whenever she gets a free moment and we want to have all sorts of things for sale. Betsy is very crafty and has been busy designing wreathes, topiaries, and trash to treasures. We both love to remake items we have found into new ideas. I have lots of dishes, knick knacks, vases, kitchenware, etc. I inherited and collected over the past 37 years. It will be fun just to unwrap everything and see it again.
 Here is a fun photo I found of' 'controlled chaos'.

Do any of you out in bloggerland have tips for creatively displaying while still making it accessible? I thought about making different "rooms" and putting like things together but don't have alot of space. Also, what kind of shelving and tables can I use? And would you cover the tables with quilts or shawls or lace? Or just get as many tables in as you can and let the wares speak for themselves?
So, Christy, who's working on my website wants some photos of me. #1 I hate my picture taken #2 I am not in any way photogenic, and #3 I am usually the one behind the camera. Naturally Dan had to grab the camera and convince me to pose in the sunroom and I grudgingly e-mailed her several that I thought might work. When did I get so old and tired looking?
I love this book. I got it at a library sale. It has very interesting facts about how different animals mate. A real eye-opener!

Between ordering seeds and plants for spring and reading gardening magazines, I am really getting spring fever. But step outside where the temperatures are hovering in the 20's and that will put a damper on any outdoor endeavors! Even the chickens are happier coming out for a quick turn around the garden and then back inside. Besides the ground is so frozen I doubt they could get anything from it. Still they like to scratch around in the hopes of unearthing something.

Actually, as I went out to check on the chickens it began snowing. They were ready for some more corn and the doors shut for the night.
I tool a little interlude and watched Eat Pray Love. It was okay.A little slow. I like the fact that she could afford to go in search of herself. I know I wish I could. But I'll just have to have my awakening in this neck of the woods. But I understand what she means about how hard it is to clear your mind for meditation. When I try to sleep at night so many thoughts and ideas are racing around. Things I should have got done, things I need to do, projects I want to do. Dan hates it when I wake up in the morning saying, "Guess what I was thinking about?"
I went to a greenhouse sale this Friday. they were selling pots, flats, carts, etc. I picked up several cases of assorted hanging baskets and inserts for flats. Also some greenhouse equipment and a pallet of seedling mix. Took me two truck loads to get it all home.
That will definitely help save me money. I've been noticing how the  prices at the wholesalers have really skyrocketed.
Saturday morning Dan and I drove up to visit our good friends in Chattaroy. Karen has fixed their place up so awesome with all her antiques and plantings. I am so envious of all the barns and outbuildings they have on the place. And all the wildlife that visits her; turkeys, deer, elk. Well, maybe not the wildlife as they would eat all my plants! They raise cattle and fainting goats. If you have never seen a fainting goat faint you are so missing out. And they are so cute and friendly.

They took us for a drive and showed us the land they were renting to put more cattle on. Made us really think again about finding ourselves a few more acres so we could broaden our growing area. Dan wants a couple cows and pigs and I would like to get into raising some  heirloom chickens and turkeys. Plus more room for vegetables, flowers and fruits.
Well dear readers, it is bedtime and more projects to plan for tomorrow. Hope your team won tonight and you enjoyed all the commercials. And remember to dream of spring. It will get here eventually. The groundhog didn't see his shadow. As I gaze out onto an inch or so of fresh snow, I bid you adieu.

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  1. Love your pictures, goaties and chickens. I I love ordering seeds this time of year--it’s so fun to plan. I love Hoarders--it’s one of my faves :)