Friday, April 29, 2011

Why Is It Still Snowing?

Okay, it's the second to last day of April. Why am I waking up to a blizzard? Should I be planting my potatoes in the snow? (usually planted on Good Friday but delayed because of snow already).
 Plants in the greenhouse are coming along. Had a few crop failures, but getting re-seeded. I want to think it's because I didn't get the brewed compost tea on the seedlings when they first emerged. We had some power issues going on and the pump that aerates the liquids was off and the tea went bad so I had to throw it out. The live good bacteria that forms when oxygen is added to the compost solution dies and turns nasty when it is oxygen- deprived and can cause problems in itself. But, I have a fresh batch brewing and hopefully it will right the damping-off and whatever else is plaguing the greenhouse. Cool temps and too much moisture wreaks havoc and causes all kinds of fungal and bacterial problems.
I have been very busy since we last talked. A great adventure to Lake Roosevelt and Davenport for sales and shopping with daughter Betsy. Creating and planning for our first spring garden show plus three more upcoming sales and the opening of the Farmers Market season.

My ad is out in the local Exchange and Nikels Worth newspapers and  pictures and descriptions of my tomatoes and peppers I am offering this year should be appearing on my website

                    MOTHERS DAY WEEKEND SALE
              SATURDAY MAY 7th & SUNDAY MAY 8th
                                 10 am - 4 pm
                   5105 N. Idaho Road  Newman Lake

           Hanging Baskets of beautiful blooms
           Dozens of varieties of Tomato Plants
           Assorted Vegetable, Fruit & Berry Plants         
           Hostas, other Perennials
           Farm-Fresh Eggs
           Container Plantings
           Garden Décor
           Water Features and Aquatic Plants
           Handmade Delights

    And SATURDAY MAY 14th from 9 AM - 5 PM
      The 12th Annual SPOKANE GARDEN EXPO
                 1810 North Greene Street
            Spokane Community College Lair

Also visit me at the Kootenai County Farmers Market
  Every Saturday May thru October 9 AM - 1:30 PM
        Corner Hwy 95 & Prairie Ave. Hayden, Idaho

     Visit  or
                    for more details   

PLUS!!  Saturday May 21st  11 am - 4 pm:
               GRAND OPENING
                  “RE-TREASURED” @
EAST FARMS SUPPLY - a feed and seed store
Located at 21518 E. Gilbert Road, OTIS ORCHARDS
                     (509) 928 - 3616

 Our first spring show was a new one this year. Put on by the horticulture class at the community college. It was a bit early for alot of plants, but still there were some great items for sale. Fresh cut flowers and produce form greenhouses and all kinds of garden-related crafts and products. I really loved the orchids at one booth and even found time to sit in on her seminar on how to grow them. I hope some day to be able to have one of mine re-bloom! And towards the end of the day, a belly dancing festival showed up and performed dances and had costumes for sale. Highly entertaining! I just might have to try that!

Then we had to prepare for our Easter event here at home. That meant the crafts, seed packets,  labels, papers and everything else that had accumulated all winter on the dining room table and kitchen island had to be temporarily banished elsewhere. Not enough time for a proper 'spring cleaning' but a good scrubbing of everything and a little straightening. It was good to see the table once more and I had forgotten how nice empty counters look. I even got some yard work done and managed to prune and rake and get the pond started back up for the season. Then the egg decorating began! All four grandchildren creating masterpieces for the Bunny to hide. We had an exciting egg hunt and at the end all four children were given  live bunnies to have as a pet.
Dan has found only three eggs so far that were missed. For some reason the Easter Bunny forgets to count how many eggs he hides. And then a wonderful dinner with all the family. We combined Easter this year with Dan and his Dads birthday as it was the following day. The weather even cooperated and made it a perfect Holiday.
 I didn't watch my intake of fluids well enough getting ready and attending the sale and missed several days of work because I was so dizzy and weak, so I went back to the hospital and was treated for dehydration plus they worked on the opening between the esophagus and stomach where their was a narrowing that was keeping me from eating solid foods without pain and vomiting. It seems to be doing better now so I am looking forward to eating a bit more and gaining some energy for everything I want to do! And make sure I drink enough fluids.
Hopefully the weather will turn around. We have had record cold and rainfall and snow this spring. But at least no tornados! My prayers go out to those who have lost family, friends and property.

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