Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pepper Plant Descriptions Spring 2011


My peppers are coming along in the greenhouse. They should be ready for the sales. They will be offered in the 3-1/2" pots for $4 each. Please pre-order before the sales for best selection.

Big Bomb Hybrid Pepper
Move over Cherry Bomb - an even earlier cherry pepper is taking the market by storm! Big Bomb has it all - vigorous habit, fast cropping and extra-prolific yields of uniform, 2" fruits that explode with rapid maturity to a brilliant red. Fruits are moderately pungent, with thick walls that retain their shape when pickled. Resilient under a wide range of growing conditions.

Peter Red Pepper
The original strain from the Alfreys. Demand continues to far exceed supply of this ornery old heirloom, grown as much to shock the prudish as for its culinary value! Pods are 4 to 6" long, blunt-ended, and mature to a deep red - excellent for chili powder. Dense plants, 20 to 30" tall.

Baby Belle Pepper
These tasty, tiny, 2" by 2-1/2" sweet bells will certainly be the hit of any salad bar and are just the extra touch for that special gourmet dish. These mostly 4-lobed, emerald green beauties waste no time in turning mature bright red! Resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus.

Cherry Pick Hybrid Pepper
Fruits measure 1-1/4" by 1-1/4" and are uniformly rounded and sized. Disease resistant and about 25 percent larger than the old strains. Yield is superb, with tall, 24", vigorous plants setting loads of sweet, dark green fruits that mature to red, although normally harvested in the green stage. Let mature totally red for excellent pickled peppers.

Mini Belle Mix Pepper
A festive and charming mix of tiny bell peppers, just 1-1/4", on 24" plants. Prolific yields of fruits with sweet, firm flesh that is surprisingly thick and flavorful. All peppers start out green, and mature to a range of yellows and reds. Resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus.

Peperoncino Pepper
You've seen these little beauties pickled in gourmet shops. Our strain is imported directly from Athens, Greece, and is unsurpassed for purity and productivity. Abundant yields of thin, yellowish-green fruits, 2 to 4" long, stay sweet until late maturity. Harvest when fruits are at the green stage. Vigorous plants grow to 30" tall.

Sweet Banana Pepper
One of the most popular non-bell sweet peppers, excellent both fresh and cooked! Thick-walled fruits with sweet, mild, waxy flesh are prolifically produced on 16 to 24" plants with pendant fruits. Fruits start out a pale green, ripening to yellow, then red.

Filius Blue Pepper
As versatile ornamentally as it is to eat! Filius Blue plants produce unusual purple-blue fruits that are very hot when young, then mature to red and turn more mild.

Poinsettia Pepper
Ornamental, but edible - if you like your peppers hot! Long, thin fruits with pointed ends grow upright in clusters for a dramatic display. 2 to 3" long at maturity and brightly colored in a range of reds. A high yielder.

Twilight Hybrid Ornamental Pepper
This vibrant and unusual hybrid was developed at New Mexico State University based on a Thai chili pepper variety. Plants produce many small cone-shaped, upright fruits in a rainbow of colors as they mature from purple to yellow, orange and red at different stages, simultaneously. Clustered fruits are very hot, with a uniform size of about 1" in length. Green foliage and white flowers add to the appeal in pots and containers.

Tricolor Variegata Pepper
Use as a houseplant or for container planting! As it matures each leaf exhibits shades of white, green and purple in a never-ending, variegated display, with no two leaves the same. Purple stems and blooms add to the richness and charm. Fruits are hot, best used as a garnish, and turn from deep purple to bright red at maturity.

Sweet Pickle Pepper
The crowning glory of an elite class of peppers that is both highly ornamental and edible. Compact plants are covered with upright fruits in red, orange, yellow and purple, all at the same time! When fully ripened to a scarlet red, these plump, 2" fruits are very sweet, not at all hot or bitter. Enormously popular as a mixed-color pickling pepper, as its name suggests, but equally enjoyable when eaten raw.

Black Pearl Pepper
2006 AAS Winner! Looks marvelous in mixed containers and is the perfect backdrop in garden beds. Bushy, upright plants have a well-branched habit, producing shiny black fruits that are very hot to the taste. Fruits eventually mature dark red with a rounded, slightly pointed shape. Very vigorous, with a high tolerance to heat and humidity.

Chilly Chili Hybrid Pepper
This 2002 AAS Winner produces tapered, 2" long peppers that change from greenish-yellow to orange to red in a continual display set off by lush and attractive foliage. Although peppers are edible, their primary use is ornamental. Best when grown in full sunlight.

Medusa Pepper
Narrow, twisted, snake-like peppers named for Medusa's mythological hair! Compact, well-branched plants produce huge yields of 2 to 2 1/2" pointed peppers held prominently upright over dark green foliage. Plants, 6 to 8" typically display 40 to 50 mildly pungent fruits at the same time, covering a wide color spectrum ranging from ivory to yellow, orange and bright red.

Purple Flash Ornamental Pepper
Superb drought and heat tolerance in a gleaming ornamental whose almost- black leaves are layered to reveal flashes of electric purple. Glossy black peppers are attractive, but too hot to be palatable. Uniform plants are compact and mounded habit is ideal in mixed containers and beds, spreading to about 20".

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