Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Long Pause....

Okay, I admit it. I told myself if I were to write a blog, I must faithfully do so. Now here I am writing this after a very long absence.
Can I say in my defense that I have been very busy? But other bloggers lead even busier lives and still find time to write.
I'm old. Well, I'm sure there are older bloggers.
Been busy spring cleaning. Yeah right. Have you seen this place. I should be on a Hoarders episode.
Nothing to write about. Are you kidding? Look around me.
Anyway, I'm back and hope to do better.
Three garden sales and  a Farmers Market later and I survived! Couldn't have done it without Dan and Betsy and my wonderful friends!
Horrible weather with winds and rains and cold temperatures. Then hot the next day with more wind and thunder storms. Back and forth.
Even a crazy motorcycle rider did a hit and run on my little Subaru and left  granddaughter Jessica and Betsy's boyfriend on the side of the road with a busted tire. And a lost hubcap! But no one was hurt, thank goodness. Well except my poor little Subaru has a dent on her door and is missing a hubcap!
Sales were good and saw lots of repeat customers and met some new ones. Lots more plants I want to grow and offer. More ideas for re-purposed items.
But I need to find a way to sell my plants without lugging them all about the country. It is just too hard on them. And me! I need more land for greenhouses and a storefront! Anyone out there have a few acres they want to get rid of?
Mother's Day got me breakfast in bed to start the day off. Well, my breakfasts now consist of half a sausage  and a protein shake. But it was in bed! Then the grand kids presented me with plants for the pond and some garden flamingos. Jessica also took Betsy and I out on Wednesday for pedicures.
Thursday was our anniversary. Dan and I have been married 37 years! We went out to Red Lobster where I had six oysters. Yippee! Not even a drink. Boy, am I a cheap date!
I have spent some time lurking on other blogs. Usually late at night when I am winding down after a full day. Man there are some great blogs! It is so cool to find people writing about the same things you love, collect, believe in, etc. Seeing different points of view and perceptions of ideas. Getting excited about projects and trying new ideas. Finding new shops and products! Thanks to everyone and stay writing!
Well, my tea is gone and it's late. Lots to do in the morning before work.
But I got this written.


  1. thank you for starting my day off with a good laugh ! yup, I'm busy, yup, I'm old, yup, I could be on a Hoarder's episode, oh my we do struggle with some of the same things. Ummm except I don't have a fabulous garden even tho I do dream about it. (())

  2. Hi Patti! So glad you stopped by and became a Friend. As far as posting...dud ya botice the date of my recent post...hate how real life interrupts blogging...hehe. Glad you sales were good andsounds like you get a lot out of you little plot. Now that we now where we are in Blogland...let's not be strangers. You find yourself on my bloglist!

  3. Hi Patti, I wanted to stop by and tell you thank you for becoming one of my followers. We have family that lives in Spokane. I have never visited, but my son and husband stopped to see them as they were coming home. Our son was stationed near there when he was in the service. I enjoyed reading your blog. I lke those kind they remind me of mine. Have a great day. Your Missouri Friend.

  4. Patti, thanks for stopping by my blog! Your blog is so frank and funny!!! you tell it like it is! Happy Anniversary and Happy gardening. I have a small yard but, I love to garden too!