Thursday, June 2, 2011

Farm Chicks weekend!!

Well, it's almost time. Saturday and Sunday at the fairgrounds for the biggest, most fun events around! The Farm Chicks are having their yearly sale and I'm finally able to go! It will be a shabby, farm, garden extravaganza. I hope to have a booth there next year so need to look at all the details and get great ideas for displays.
Can't wait to meet some of our fellow bloggers plus authors and editors of various books and magazines.
 My garden is awake at last and so many different things to see as I walk around between thunder storms. It is so wet and cold here still, but the lilacs have never been more intense in scent or the fruit trees so in bloom. It is finally green here after the greys of winter!!

Thanks to Candy at The Little Round Table for being our garden walk hostess today via her new party, This Week in My Garden.

 The tomato plants are finally looking better. Lots of little fruits on the plants and ready to go to good homes. It has been too cold to plant any out yet but hopefully this following week the temps should be in the 70's. It has been so cold and damp they weren't looking so hot and the peppers were lucky to be growing at all. We have cucumbers on the plants still in the greenhouse and the gourds are sure to be blooming soon.
I have some new plants this year I am very excited about. Some fab coleus offerings, begonias, repeat-blooming lilacs, and a compact buddleia  in 3 exciting colors. Stay tuned!
Well, I'm off to bed and up early to get all my weekend chores done so I can play at the Farm Chicks!!


  1. Hi Patti -

    Lovely images from your garden! Thanks for stopping by my garden party. Did you forget to enter your link? Or have trouble with linking in?
    Just let me know and I can give you a hand or enter it for you. :-)


  2. Patti, thanks for stopping by! Too bad I didn't meet you at Farm chicks!! Wasn't it a GREAT Show!!
    I love all the garden plants in your post. I love all things garden! I just got back yesterday. I'm beat!!!

  3. gorgeous photos- very inspiring! I am your newest follower. beautiful blog!


  4. What a great garden you have thanks for coming over to visit. happy weekend.. I love to garden too.your newest follower


  5. Hope you had a great time at Farm Chicks and that the weather has warmed up a bit so you can get to all that gardening. Everything looks great. Best wishes, Tammy