Monday, October 24, 2011

Has it Been That Long?

Gosh! I can't imagine my last blog was in July. Where has the time gone? I know it's been a busy summer with everything going on, but really? I'm in my last week at Farmers Market

. I made alot of jams and preserves this year. The garden was a little disappointing this year, although the tomatoes and peppers are still producing. A heavy frost is coming this week so that will put an end to them. I'll let the chickens out to that side of the garden to clean up and fertilize.

 We managed a couple of quick vacations. Took the granddaughters to Glacier National Park in Montana, and Dan and I managed to get some time to ourselves on the Washington and Oregon coast.

Did some re-vamping of the front flower beds. As in digging them all out and re-doing. Still have more to add to them, but all in good time. Took a few trees on the property out. Added a few more. Tucked some shrubs in and around.

We took a train ride with some friends this weekend. The trees are just starting to turn and it was beautiful. It turned rainy and cold but it was great to be with old friends.

Our praying mantis that we hatched this spring returned, mated and laid more egg cases in the greenhouse. They pop up when we are watering and it's fun to go in there and see if we can spot them. Speaking of the greenhouse. We brought in all the plants from around the yard including alot of the houseplants that didn't fit back into the sunroom. Now the greenhouse is full. Won't leave us much room for the tomatoes and other plants we start here in the following months. Guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it. Anyone have an extra greenhouse? Or more land? It really has come to the point if we are going to continue on with the business we will have to expand and obtain more land and hire people to help out. So the question is do we stay a small hobby farm or go for it? The Christmas shows will be starting in November so gearing up for them. Betsy and I have been brainstorming ideas for new things we want to create. Trying to get a project done every evening after work. I haven't even read my favorite blogs lately. Hope everyone out there in blogland is still active.

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