Tuesday, November 8, 2011

First Craft Show Coming Up

Well,it's that time of year again. Market has closed for the season. Craft shows are gearing up. Went to the big Central Valley show last weekend with Betsy. Alot of people from market had booths. I will be looking into it for next year. Lots of wonderful items for sale and some different ideas. As usual there were lots of different jewelry from beadwork, silverware, precious gems, and hemp. Also lots of hats, scarves, and gloves.Crocheted, knit, and sewn kitchenware, baby items,quilts, melted bottles, lighted glassware, ceramics,photography and woodworking. There were some food items, and candles and soaps. Overall a good mix of products.
Shelving made from vintage doors
wind chimes made from everything. Lots to look at.
/div> Melted bottles made into cheese plates, soap holders, etc. So now I am getting ready for my show this weekend. My usual jams plus a variety of crafts Betsy and I have done over the summer. Decoupaged coasters, subway art cards, cupcake and cake stands, upcycled clothing, tea, cocoa and food mixes, signs, magnets. quilts, and anything else I haul out of the craft room.

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