Monday, October 1, 2012

Been A Long Time

So sorry everyone for the lapse in posting. Between the usual hectic summer of a nursery business and family vacations, my father-in-law's health rapidly declined and after several weeks in the hospital, he passed away. And afterwards the ongoing job of cleaning up the estate,etc. I have 4 more weekends at the farmers market, plus I am doing the Harvest Festival at Greenbluff for the first time, so quite an adventure. That runs every weekend throughout October, so you can imagine the preparation to get enough jams and baked goods to carry me thru. Anyone want to help? We were blessed with an awesome summer as far as weather goes; in fact we are expecting our first frost this week. Others in the area have not been quite so lucky, but we are still getting cukes, tomatoes, and a bumper crop of peppers. Also a good year for potatoes, hops, grapes, plums, raspberries, basil, and garlic. The air quality was a bit bad at times because of the wild fires around us and the lack of breezes, but has cleared up considerably in the last couple of days. I promise to be more diligent with the writing, and hope to bring some new ideas for plantings and crafts in the coming months. How about a sneak peek into what some of the hot plants for next year will be? We miss you Dad. 04/25/1925 - 08/23/2012 For now,Patti
Curtis Franklin Peterson passed on 08/23/2012, to finally join his wife Elizabeth. Born to Walter and Viola Peterson on 04/25/25, he was the 4th of 5 children. Curt served in WWII, and spent his 21st birthday preparing for D-Day. A man of strong morals and convictions, he served as the army's photographic developer and as a Medic due to his Conscientious Objector status. Upon his return to the States he attended WA State University, where he received a Bachelor of Pharmacology degree. While working his first job as a pharmacist in Sprague Washington he met Elizabeth Dirkes, then working her first job as a high school Music, English, and Home Economics teacher. They married in July 1951, and had three children, Claudia Peterson Spencer, Daniel (wife Patricia), and Timothy. In addition to his three children, Curt leaves behind a large living family; two sisters, 4 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren, and countless extended family members; all of whom remember him fondly. He was known to put the needs of others well before his own, whether family, friend, or stranger. A very generous and compassionate man, his house was often open to those in need. He was known and loved for many reasons; from his time at his own store "Curt's Y Drugs", to decorating a 40 foot Christmas tree complete with giant wrapped boxes and hobby horse. He lived his life as a good man, and he will always stand in our memory as the type of person we can aspire to be.

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