Sunday, December 2, 2012

Last Craft Fair of the year

Well, the last show of the year is done and all the leftover materials packed in bins in the craft room. It feels bittersweet; after being overwhelmed and stressed out about getting everything done on time to not having any crafts I need to get done. But wait! The Spring show is just around the corner. Now where did I put those tulip wreaths and bunny pictures? All kidding aside, it was quite an adventure this year. Some smaller shows did so well and then the one big one where there were tens of thousands of visitors (it was all four weekends in October)hardly made me booth fees plus being outdoors during one of the biggest wind storms of the year didn't help. I created some new jams, made different breads, tried out some candy and brownie variations, and served up delicious dips. and my crock pot tortilla chicken it soup was a hit when it was bitterly cold. This last show was a new one for me. It was held at the community college where I do two other shows, so familiar territory. And they had helpers with carts and dollys that made the trips to the car so much easier! And after a season of farmers markets and outdoor festivals, it was so nice to be inside where it was warm! I was in the perfect corner spot where I could spill out a bit from the normal strict 10x10 guidelines. Goodness knows I have plenty to fill the area. I actually didn't bring as much as I planned due to Mr. getting sick and running out of time to do everything. I don't know what I would do without Betsy's help and creative genius. Now if I could enlist a couple of granddaughters help... We tried some new design ideas this year; both in the creations and the booth display. Half the fun is in setting up and creating special vignettes. We got several compliments about it and got two invites for exclusive shows for next year. Yea!
Mr. is feeling a bit better today but still not up to par. He is on several strong medications and if he forgets to take them it really causes some problems. And then dehydration and everything else plays out into a miserable time. So now the time consuming writing descriptions and photo submitting on Etsy begins. I actually enjoy it but it does drain the time I allot for being on the computer. I mean,I need my Pinterest time, right? A few more things cleaned out of the garage and I will be able to park in there. I've kinda hogged it with various projects and bins of things waiting for the next show. And now we can finish the bathroom remodel. And get the Christmas decoration out and up! And there will be time to drive around and enjoy all the decorations and lights. And buckle down and work on my real estate classes. Has anyone tried the tea in pyramid shaped bags? Pretty delish. Just wish they had them in decaf. I love my tea but I drink it all night and if it's not decaf I won't be able to sleep. Don't you love Christmas Holiday time? All the beautiful colors, the food, the family and friend time. And all the Christmas shows on Lifetime and the Hallmark channels? I'm watching some new ones, but also those old favorites. I love 'The Bishops Wife' and even the remake of it called 'The Preachers Wife'. And 'Little Women' was on earlier today! Mr. likes the Christmas cartoons and all the different Christmas Carol movies. I wish we as adults could react to this time of year like the children do. If only the awe and wonder of youth could stay with us and we could put aside our petty issues and arguments focus on whats important and love one another more and as equals. Then we could put our energy into helping solve the important issues like hunger, disease, and healing our Earth. Heres to keeping the Christmas Spirit in all of us all year long!

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  1. I really enjoy craft fairs but have been disappointed with the ones around here this year. There seems to be more booths selling retail products like avon, tupperware etc. than crafters. I hope this is just a blimp in the program.