Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy Fall Y'all

So where did summer go? I'm sounding like a broken record with all the excuses about not being consistent about writing on here, but jeez, where did the time go? I can hardly wrap my head around the crisp, foggy mornings, the nip in the air at noon while the sun is brightly shining, the growing silence of bird songs I wake to in the early hours. Thank goodness there is the beauty of colors in the Fall. It is its redeeming quality amidst the dying foliage, the drooping of heads, the grey and browns enveloping me. Everything I have striven for all year has completed its cycle and gone back to the earth. But put away the summer clothes, bring out the sweaters and flannels, replace the sheer curtains with insulated. Quilts and warm fleece throws don the backs of couches, rugs rolled out onto chilly hardwood floors. Warm the house with the stove and crock pots working overtime making jams and preserves from the last of the summers bounty. Candles with their comforting aromas and flickering light keep at bay the darkness of night coming too soon. Bring in the plants from the porch, to be replaced with a new decor. Dried hydrangea bunches, sprigs and branches with summers fruit, gourds and pumpkins, cornstalks and straw bales. The moon is at its best this time of year. Enormous and the brightest it can be with a deep orange glow that colors everything around it. The man residing there has seemed almost to have outgrown his space there. Too soon this season will be replaced with howling winds, bitter cold and shuttered homes. Deep snow will soon cover the drifts of colored leaves.Vague shapes will be all that's left of garden beds. So embrace Fall and all its destruction of summer, because it too will soon be a memory. Happy Fall Y'all

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