Friday, April 19, 2013

Ducklings In The Tub

Well, nothing new about this. Spring usually finds me with some sort of baby. This year it's ducklings! Jessica, Cheyenne and Damien arrived at work the other day with 3 ducklings in a box. I think it's payback for me giving them bunnies last Easter! Anyway, straight home to the bathtub they went. A towel for bedding, a cup for food and a pan for water and the brooding lamp and they are as happy as "ducks in water"? UPDATE After a week of placing them in a box every time we want to take a bath, the ducks are now in a cement mixing pan on the dining room table! However at the rate they are growing we are going to need a deeper containment area. And are they ever messy marvins. I don't know if I want them in my pond. They will be working those pumps overtime! Probably join the bunnies in the chicken coop. We have over a thousand tomato and pepper plants already transplanted in the greenhouse. The new rhubarb crowns are growing like crazy and hanging baskets are lining the roof. My succulent plantings and terrariums are set aside for the first garden show this weekend at Spokane Community College. ( see the ads on my Facebook). The pond plants are doing really well in the greenhouse. My umbrella plants will be going from the pond to container plantings with assorted flowers. The water hyacinths are as big now and making off-shoots as they are in mid-summer. The resident greenhouse toad has been out sunning himself in a plant flat. The burgundy water iris is in full bloom under a bench and a self-sown nasturtium is blooming along the back wall. My first garden show this spring was glorious! it is in it's third year and sponsored by the college horticulture department. They have plants for sale from their greenhouses (I had to partake in a few items!) and do beautiful floral designs and fresh flowers for sale. A very good turn-out and lots of enthusiasm for the coming growing season. Met lots of new friends and caught up with old ones. My succulent plantings in the dinosaurs sold out as well as the pink flowering dogwood trees and almost all of the chicken feeder planters. People got a kick out of my shotgun shell party lites and expanded line of redneck glasses. I now have champagne toasting glasses perfect for the bride and groom, margarita, martini, and shot glasses, along with my different sizes of beer glasses. UPDATE The ducks are now in a wading pool on the table. And last night we added chicken wire round it as they were looking to escape over the edge! As soon as the weather gets warmer, they are going to a grassy area alongside the pond. It is pouring out today so am doing some work in the house. Sorting thru items in the craft room in readiness for the Retro Bella Vintage & Garden Show at the Greyhound Park in Post Falls, ID on Saturday April 27 from 9am to 6pm. Not just garden things for this sale. I will have some of my antiques, furniture, crafts and jams. Lots of frou frou! Hope to see alot of you there. Stop in and introduce yourselves!

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