Saturday, April 5, 2014

Gettin' Creative (or dreamin' about it) and envying people who walk upright and can see above counter height!

Spring has sprung and the creative juices are flowing from every pore. Trouble is, I'm in a wheelchair after foot surgery in December. So my downstairs craft room might as well be on the moon. But that's not keeping me from getting on the computer (finally able to!)and looking at all the ideas, photos, and recipes that are leaping out at me. I mean seriously, you should see my desk. It has scribbled notes all over it 'cause my idea boards are full. I have been sending ideas via e-mails to Hubby and Daughter so much they are going to change their address and not tell me! Every time I say "Hey I have an idea" suddenly they have something to do in the garage or greenhouse! But they are very good sports and I would not have survived this ordeal without them. They saw me thru two bile duct surgeries earlier in the year,knee surgery, then an infection in that same knee, full reconstruction of my right foot, a tooth infection which turned into getting two wisdom teeth removed (at my advanced age!)all the time by my side, helping me in and out of the bed and wheelchair, getting me to the bathroom, bringing me pain pills (thank God for them)and nerve blockers (best thing ever!) feeding me, carrying me up and down the stairs and driving me to doctor appointments, and most of all not giving up on me when I was in horrible pain, or having a pity party. I absolutely HATE having to ask someone for help! I am supposed to be the caregiver, not the other way around! I have a new respect for chair-bound people. It's a whole other world down at this level. Everything is just out of your reach. Doorways suddenly seem too narrow. Throw rugs fold up under your wheels. Dogs are always sleeping around and under you or their tails are sticking out right where you want to go. Everything you want or need is in the basement. Spring is happening outside where you can't get to. Try brushing your teeth and rinsing form a sitting down position. Or getting a teacup from the upper cupboard, stretching over the sink to turn on the tap, reaching into the microwave and getting it back to your desk. And I have become famous for the Austin Powers move of getting stuck turning around. One day I decided to be 'helpful' and mop the floors. I was really proud of myself until I realized I had left muddy tire tracks over everything I had just washed! I also thought I had pretty good 'padding' down there till staying sitting for eighteen hours a day proved me wrong. And you wouldn't believe the muscle mass I have lost. My physical therapeutics, Kyle has his work cut out for him! I've had to cancel several craft shows and flea market events that I would normally have participated in and have had to bribe my darling Granddaughter to do Farmers Market this year. I did finally get out into the yard this week, and it felt so good to plant my peas, beets, and chard in the whiskey barrels. I loved the feel of plunging my hands in the dirt, and to be out in the fresh air! Tried dragging a rake around the lawn and picking up the yard prunings, but it's quite an ordeal to push yourself with one foot thru the soft lawn. I even coerced someone to haul me out to and into the greenhouse so I could do some trimming and cleanup of the hanging baskets. I divided and repotted some aloes, started some cuttings of pussy willow and boxwood, and cleaned up and repotted some of the tropicals. The kids got the pallets drug out from behind the chicken coop, taken apart and stacked; waiting for me to start my projects. I need to get my sander out and mix up some chalk paints. I'm itching to get to the metal recyclers to find those hidden gems that we can weld into garden art. Speaking of the chicken coop; it needs its spring cleaning.I really miss going out to see those gals and letting them out to forage every morning. Smokey the wild kitty who lives with them has probably forgotten who I am. And I'm itching to get in the kitchen! To start baking and canning and just cooking meals again! I've managed a few crock pot meals over the last couple of weeks, but I want to be chopping and mixing and stirring! I am so thankful to my family of helpers. For strong backs that carried me, attentive nurses, laundry maids, bathing attendants,correspondence gatherers, garbage persons, shoppers, chauffeurs, groundskeepers, housekeepers, and maids all. Am I living at Downtown Abbey? So on to more lists of ideas and honey-do's and being grateful for each small success as they come!

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