Monday, June 16, 2014

Pluggin' Along

Figured I better catch everyone up to speed on how my Springs been going. I've been on Facebook more than usual and so posting and catching up with everyone there. Adding new friends and business acquaintances and following events. My foot is still healing. well, the bones have all set but having a hard time walking. Taking a hiatus from physical therapy which I'm supposed to be doing four times a week. Got a $1000 bill after insurance so trying to absorb that before going back. I can't walk at all barefoot and thank God for my Birkenstock sandals or I would be walking around in hiking boots. I have no balance and can't move the foot sideways or flex it over uneven ground so it's really thrown me for a curve. I stumble all the time and I'm just waiting to fall and break a hip. Still not driving and that is a major bummer. Hubby not so gung-ho about jumping in the car and cruising thru the aisles of the local junk stores. Besides that, not able to walk that much without pain. But he's been a real trooper about getting me to appointments and grocery shopping, etc. We purchased an older RV for an astounding price. Needs some work and I am excited about decorating it in the vintage style. Dan is redoing the roof and windows and siding plus interior wood. We will be ripping the carpeting out and replacing it with vinyl or laminate. I am redoing the soffits, valances and curtains. I want to replace the light fixtures,upholstery, countertops, sinks and cupboard fronts. Tearing out the old wallpaper for new paint and redoing the back master bedroom. I want to name it the Gypsy Rose and do it in a gypsy, bohemian, shabby chic style. With a mix of 1950's. Looking for a wall mount jukebox like you saw in the booths at an old soda fountain that we can convert to play cds or tie into an MP3 player. Dan actually took it on our annual Memorial weekend camping trip. I however went with my friend Patti in her vintage "canned ham" trailer to Long Beach WA for the 28 mile yard sale on the peninsula. We filled up Patti's van and the trailer by the first day but it was so much fun and we met so many great people. The weather was typical damp coastal weather but we had fun despite it. I couldn't walk on the beach but we watched the sunsets from the van. And no razor clams 'cause there was a red tide but I got my oyster shooters! I really think everyone should try to get there next year! And while I was there, I found the beach cabin that my Godmother owns and took us to all the time when we were small. Her relatives have built a new bigger cabin with an RV pad next to it but the old cabin is still standing and brought back so many memories! She taught me how to dig the clams and we would fry them up right on the beach with butter and crackers. Yummy! We also collected glass floats that washed up and she had a pretty impressive collection. I wonder where they all went? It was a very emotional moment when we found and drove up to the cabin and in fact talked to several of her neighbors that were friends of theirs. And all it took was stopping at the City Hall and getting the address! It was a beautiful Spring here. I have never seen so many blooms and new growth on the trees and shrubs. Everything was a bit late but should be a spectacular yield of flowers and fruit. The lilacs were heavenly and the peonies are magnificent. And speaking of magnificent, I helped Mike, a friend from farmers market harvest his peony flowers last week. He has several acres of them and he sells them to the local wholesaler plus for privately for weddings. So chances are if you buy them at the store or florist,they came from him. He also has them for sale every Saturday at market while in season. Jessica my granddaughter has been getting me to market and then Betsy picks me up. They load and unload the truck and do the driving so very appreciative of them. We are trying to downsize our stock of plants as I can't do that much yet and it is getting too much for Dan to keep up with. The greenhouse needs a new cover and benches rebuilt and we desperately need to install a automatic watering system. Plus we need to build a bigger shade house for the plants in summer. It gets way too hot in the greenhouse even with the shade cloth on for the plants to stay in there. Plus Dan has to water three or more times a day. Betsy took me to the Farm Chicks show at the fairgrounds last Sunday. It was amazing as usual and I am even more determined to get a booth there next year. However it was way too much walking even with intervals and could not get out of bed on Monday because of it. Saw lots of Facebook friends and beautiful booth displays and amazing items. That show definitely doesn't disappoint. Trying my hand at some vintage shows this year. Have lots of inventory and making new repurposed items all the time. I have one this coming weekend so will see how it goes. Haven't told Betsy yet she has to drive me! Time to stop and post some pictures and go make dinner. I can't believe the computer has actually stayed going this long. I'm needing a new one. Okay, I jinxed myself! Can't get any photos to upload so I give up. Will try again later. Patti


  1. Hi Patti, I am so happy to meet you. Thank you for following my blog, because it brought me here. You and I have so much in common and I do hope that you can figure out what is going on with your photo downloads, because I would love to see them. We have an older sailboat that we restored . . . named her "Gypsy Rose". I love junking and re-purposing. We just purchased an old bungalow on an acre of land and I am going to make it my mission to become a gardener.
    I love your blog, you have a great talent for writing. Looking forward to a lovely blogging friendship.
    Your newest blogging sister, Connie :)

  2. Thanks for your kind words.I really need to discipline myself about writing more consistently, but you know, life gets in the way (or housework)!
    I am jealous of your acre! We only have a 1/2 and I am spilling over! I'm assuming you live more coastal then me from the sailboat mention or I would tell you to bring a shovel and come on over! Being a nursery owner, I have lots of different plants that could use dividing or pulled out completely!
    I am in a vintage/junk show Saturday so hopefully I will be able to share some pictures and stories. Until then,