Monday, September 26, 2016

An Amazing App!

I don't usually talk about this sort of thing since we all are deluged with ads on every page we visit.

But I gotta share this one!!

Daughter Betsy turned me on to this and as skeptical as I am about this kind of thing, I gave it a shot.


We all become part of team and earn money when the other members of our team shop.
And Betsy is a shopper.

I would be if I could drive. (pout pout)

So squeeze one more app on your phone and click away and earn some spending money.
You will be pleasantly surprised.

I earned $5 on Saturday for stopping in at Joann Fabrics and picking up some things I needed anyway!

My Referral Code: tmfhaou
Sign up with my code and earn team points with all of us plus your own rebates.
My daughter has earned over $100 in less then 6 weeks.
I've only done 3 rebates and earned over $20!
Give it a try.
Get $10 for trying the free app. Download Ibotta to unlock savings at local stores, bars, and restaurants.|By Ibotta, Inc.

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