Sunday, October 9, 2016

Move over Summer, Autumn is moving in!

We've been blessed in the Pacific Northwest this year.

A pretty great summer with not many rain-outs at Farmers Market.

Heat waves that we've managed pretty well.

(We added an awning over the back porch/ barbecue area)

Putting up a shade house really saved the plants from torture in the greenhouse.

(And helped with the multi times a day watering)

Hubs and I learned that sitting out in our zero gravity chairs under the cherry tree can be a really sweet thing.

(We had always felt guilty about wasting work time)

We were able to watch the osprey gliding high overhead, discover all the jets coming and going and guess which ones were landing in Spokane, and watching the squirrels and woodpeckers call to wayward children and mates.

We usually have a hard frost that obliterates most everything followed by several weeks of warm weather again.

This year we will be getting our first frost Monday night.

Almost halfway through October. Pretty amazing really.

But we have been leading up to it.

That crisp nip in the air when you know summer is over.

Turning off the AC and leaving the doors and windows open instead.

(I love open windows. Lace curtains moving)

Telltale signs of the tired hanging baskets suddenly putting on a new batch of blooms.

Pine cone droppage has ramped up and the starlings have arrived to eat the grapes and apples.

So now the leaves will start coloring up and dropping.

The tamaracks on the hills will be noticeable from the pines.

Sadly the patio furniture will be put away.
Hummingbird feeders washed and stored.
Suet feeders restocked.
Fountains and extra pumps in the pond turned off.

The kids came over yesterday and helped us get ready.
The houseplants were all carried into the sunroom.

Tropicals and tender perennials were hauled back into the greenhouse.

Soon it will be time to take down the awnings and canopies from the back porch and patio.

The billy boots stand ready at the back door for the twice daily tromp to the chicken coop.

(In reality I should have been using them already due to all the rain we have been getting)

The flannel sheets are back on the beds and the extra quilts and throws are draped over couches and at the end of beds.

The fall flags (along with the Seahawks) are out on the front porch and garage.

We have been eating our acorn, sweet dumpling, and spaghetti squash.

So about all that is left is to ready the tarps and old sheets to carry out tomorrow night to drape over garden beds still producing peppers, tomatoes, and zucchini.

First frost of Autumn.

We have been lucky!

Now on to a new leaf.

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