Friday, September 16, 2016

Vendor Profiles for the upcoming VINTAGE PICKIN FALL BARN SHOW

As hinted at in my last post, I have been given the dubious honor of profiling some of the wonderful vendors to grace this years show.

This is such a cute family! You can tell the passion they have for this business.

I hope I can do them justice!

My name is Priscilla Kinsey and I created my home decor business, "Rusty New Home Decor".

I have an absolute love (obsession) with decorating, shopping and creating.

I have three little girls and stay home with them, but having Rusty New Home Decor has given me an outlet to do what I love over and over again!

My family puts up with all my crazy projects and messes on a daily basis and support me so wonderfully.

I have a couple of booths at Paris Antiques all year and participate in all the local and semi-distant shows during the year.
Meeting new faces and seeing my "followers" are what makes this even more fun.

I was also blessed to be asked to stage a treehouse in Coeur D' Alene on the Timberline Adventures Zip Line Property last November, which aired on the DIY Network for the show "The Treehouse Guys". It was an amazing experience to be part of and I give thanks to my little business to have had the opportunity.

I enjoy stocking up/creating unique pieces for each show's shoppers and displaying it all creatively. I'm a happy girl when I come home with very little inventory after a show, but immediately start the hoarding process for my next event.

It's a pleasure to be a part of each event I do and am grateful for all the super sweet customers I meet!

Please come out and see me at this great event!


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