Monday, September 19, 2016

Our go-to coffee gal

It's time for another vendor profile for


This gal serves up some of the best drinks this side of the MISSISSIPPI!

I always wanted to use that in a sentence at some point!!

She also participates in my Farmers Market and has saved us on more then one bitter cold morning!


This is Sonja, owner/operator of Gitty-Up Go!

Espresso since 1997.

My on-wheels mobile espresso offers all the same refreshments as a standard coffee stand delivered right to your place of business or event.

My menu includes a large variety of specialty combination lattes, organic smoothies (fruit or veggie), chai, green drinks, etc., hot or iced.

Come by and receive service with a smile.

(And she does have an amazing smile).

(And energy)!

Wonder where that comes from?

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