Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Greenhouse Is Open!

Yea! We have the greenhouse open and cleaned out and ready for planting!!
We set the benches up and pulled out all the flats and inserts from the shed.
Opened our bags of germination soil (we use Sunshine Mix #3) and mixed 50/50 with
our own mix of compost and secret ingredients. I feel like a mad scientist!
Our containers were filled and ready for seeds. We are starting about 60 different
kinds of tomatoes this year along with several basils, and assorted veggies. I am
also growing some peppers this year due to peoples requesta at the Farmers Market.
Also, some different kinds of veggies that I want to enter in the local county fair.
If I can remember to get my entry forms in on time.
Anyway, back to the greenhouse. My daughter and 2 granddaughters are there to help us.
We have an assembly line going. I mix the soils, Betsy fills the pots, Jessica stacks the flats, and Cheyenne
oversees us while running out periodically to check the chickens for eggs and chase the dogs.

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