Friday, March 12, 2010

We are up and growing!

Well after much consideration we decided that we should take the flats of seeds into the house to sprout. We could have cranked on the heat in the greenhouse for them but we figured since it was already a consistent heat in the house we might as well take advantage of it. Our little way of conserving energy if you will. So there they sit on shelves by the back patio door. The register vent is not too far away for added bottom warmth and the misting bottle is at the ready.
So it has been a day shy of a week since planting and I think all the flats are alive and growing. The only light source at this time is coming from the slider so as the plants crane their necks towards it we turn the flats a quarter turn to keep them straight. We are readying the fluorescent lights in the greenhouse so I think we will move the seedlings out there tomorrow.
I need to dig out the tags that I have for the different kinds of tomatoes that I grew last year and order the new varieties. I also must get my description list started. I want to add color pictures to it this year.

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