Sunday, March 7, 2010

So Much To Do

A person can get bogged down and give up before they even start when there are so many things to do. Just a quick walk through the yard and I have a list of must-do's.
We are removing trees in our backyard so we have more garden space. The pussy willow that I spoke of in an earlier blog is coming down. That way we can make use of the reflective heat coming from the side of the shop for such things as peppers and tomatoes.
We are thinking of taking down our sweet cherry tree. It often takes a late hit from frost so we don't get cherries that year. Plus it shades valuable growing area. But it is also that shade that I will miss. I have often sat and even slept in that shade after a frenzy of digging and weeding, too exhausted to drag myself to the porch and comfort of a chair. That tree sheltered our chickens and even turkeys when the coop was closer to the house.
A couple of fairly new apple trees on the side yard by the greenhouse are also slated for removal, plus the extra raspberries that for some reason my husband thought should go there. I am even entertaining thoughts of the demise of my beloved Green Gage plum tree that I put in after a trip to Europe.
I will research and find dwarf fruit trees that I can espalier against the fence line. All the fruits that I want without taking up all that space!
Viva la demolition!

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