Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'm Still Here

I think this is becoming repetitious around here; not just the blog but certain other activities. You know, you start out the day with best -laid plans but before you know it, it's bedtime and the day got away from you. I had a couple extra days off due to a surgery, but wasn't really able to do much because of being so loopy from the drugs. Back at work tomorrow and I haven't even tried driving yet! Spring is finally showing itself round here. Although we were blessed with a milder winter as far as snow, it still seemed too long. But now the plants are emerging, the buds are swelling, the animals are frisky.... The greenhouse is getting into shape thanks to Dan and the grand kids. Giant rhubarb crowns have made there way in and flats are filled waiting for the tomato and pepper seeds. We will be getting a place ready for 30 or so new baby chicks to fill in our somewhat elderly flock. As i sit here after putting in my first order of the year for aquatic plants and tags for all the veggies, a wind and snow storm beat down on us followed by a period of calm and sun, and again wind and snow. That hot tub looks inviting just out the sunroom door, but I have vowed to get these last few thoughts down before I quit! Does everyone, like nature outside feel this time of year is a renewal? A chance to start over and fresh. To throw away the old and neglected items sitting idle for too long. To try a different path or do the same thing, but twist it up? Dan always gets nervous when I make the trek round the yard, taking notes and getting ideas. That usually means a revamp of an area or a whole new project. Bottom line, more work. But I think this is a good time to look at the 'bones' of the garden. To see the lay of the land. Try it in your own yard if you have a chance. see the slope and texture of the ground. Can you add a large boulder as an accent between some shrubs. Does that tree need pruned more on that one side to spotlight that evergreen shrub or make it more balanced? Do you need more flowers in that one space or do they need divided and placed somewhere else? A fresh layer of compost and mulch might be needed. Take a camera or notebook and take pictures and jot down ideas. Take a string or hose and lay out a pathway or new flower bed. Spring is the time for creation. In the fall I have actually laid down layers of newspapers on an area of lawn that I mean to take over for flowers, and by now the grass has dies, the paper has broken down and I can get ready to plant. Plan to visit some home and yard shows and check out new ideas. Read the gardening mags starting to appear on the bookshelves, visit garden centers for ideas and inspiration. Even a walk in the parks and arboretums in your area can add influence as can driving thru neighborhoods and looking at yards the same way you do with Christmas lights during the holidays. holidays,renewal,nature,mulch,plan,seeds,tomatoes,family Think about adding some chickens to your yard. Free manure and fresh eggs. Plus those girls are so fun to watch! And add a rooster if you like that morning alarm clock! Better check with your neighbors first tho! The point is, just get out there and have some fun. Stir your creative juices and wake up those dream cells! You never know.

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