Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Lost thoughts -- at night -- sleep evades me---- Memories drift back and forth-- long thought lost but resurfacing-- the rain hits the roof and rolls down off the edge-- onto moist tall grass-- the smell of damp dark earth and crispness of spring air--- fragrance of flowers blooming stark white against black night--- I calm my steps in the quiet stillness --- slight rustling ---- I am not alone---- I feel fingers move my hair--- trace a line from neck down spine-- my hair lies limp -- my head bent down-- eyes closed-- warm breath-- caresses----- captures----- kisses rain down - gentle like a breeze --- fingers play at my skin---- teasing----- flirting----- brushing back clothing--- searching for bare flesh---- --------- I am young again---- before age has done its savage work---- before weights of responsibility have worn down--- back to a time of careless freedom--- love is there --- no constraints no consequence ---- my lover and I----- and the moon dancing past clouds----- no words needed----- talking with hands--- melting down into wet grass and soft earth--- enveloping us like natures quilt---- sleep comes later----- soft and deep---- innocent --- memories fade...................

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