Thursday, June 19, 2014

Schools Out For Summer

I'm humming that old Alice Cooper song. We have one of our grandchildren staying with us for a couple of weeks. It has become a tradition for one of them to stay with us when school first lets out. We have 'adventures'. Most likely it is Grandpas way of getting to be a kid again and thinking I won't notice who's instigating who! We did plan to go camping but the weather put a kibosh in that. So we are working on the RV and getting it shipshape for next week hopefully. Two of our grandchildren go to all year school which means they are still in school. We watch them in the morning before they catch the bus. We have already warned their parents that they might be 'home-schooled' for the week if we kidnap them and take off in the RV! I'm also preparing for a vintage/junk show at Foxwood near Newport this Saturday. Talk about getting in under the wire. The topcoat is drying as we speak on the headboard garden bench, chicken wire is awaiting another coat of paint for the picture frames, and the chicken feeder pendant lights haven't even been wired. But I work best under pressure it seems so all is on schedule! I am writing this listening to snoring going on in the front room and nearby bed. I made the family those chocolate chip cookie in a coffee mug thingys and I think I od'd them 'cause they are passed out! Chalk up another success to Pinterest! I might of mentioned that when Patty and I escaped to Long Beach Wa for a peninsula yard sale, we met Montana Dan, a junk seller from, you guessed it, Montana. Well he called me this morning and said he would be down my way next week with a load of junk for me to go thru! Yea me! Can't wait to see what he has found! Hope its more butter churns, enamel pans, and rusty stuff! Well, morning is coming early and I need my beauty sleep. Talk to you soon! Patti

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