Sunday, January 18, 2015

Blustery Sunday

Well, last night was windy and rainy! But awoke to blue skies and temps. in the 40's , so not all bad. Not making it out to open the chickens today tho. Water over snow = too slippery to walk on. They've got plenty of food and walking around room inside. Let them sit in the nests and lay all day! Betsy and family came over yesterday. Betsy is still recovering from ankle surgery and using crutches and a knee walker. She and Aaron spent the day brushing up on their welding skills. She got a welder for her birthday. Hubby showed them the bin racks he is making for the craft room. Hubby (Dan)installed the first set of bin racks downstairs. They are going to be great. Now I can start bringing in the bins and sorting thru them some more as I go. Projects go a lot faster and better when you know where your supplies are and can get at them quickly! He will also be making a long table against one wall that will hold all the sewing machines ( regular, serger, quilter and embroidery)along with the Silhouette machines and hookups for the laptop and printer that we will need. It is a small room and I have alot of supplies as you have seen from previous pictures. Plus I want to bring more in from other rooms. Like glass, cutters, came, patterns for the glass-work Dan does, frames, mat board and supplies for framing projects (again Dan), and the myriad cans of spray paint that now hang out in the garage. Well, I better sign off and get some work done. The playoff game between Seattle and Green Bay is short hours away. GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!

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