Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bumps In The Road

The Great CleanUP: Well slight detour in the organizing because someone who will remain nameless accidentally unplugged the freezer in the basement while they were moving things around. Don't know for sure how many days it was thawing, but several black bags of what was food went out to the garbage can. Did salvage a container of Costco mini cinnamon roll and brownie bites, but chucked them outside just so they didn't tempt me! Got to Wallyworld yesterday for more bins. Not the one closest to me 'cause they were out. Even this store didn't have the ones on sale so of course paid more for the same ones, just different colors. Binned up more in the craft room. Basically done packing everything up; just a few things here and there. Now am waiting on the bins of Christmas to be put away so I can haul bins out of craft room so we can build storage and haul storage furniture in. Showing Hubby ideas from Pinterest for the best solution to my storage woes. Worked on the kitchen till the wee hours this morning. Sorting through all the utensil drawers and baking dishes and such. Today pulled out the new steamer cleaner I got for my birthday. Tackled the big lazy susan corner cupboard. I don't know where all that goo came from but it was coated. Took Ajax plus steam to get it clean. Then started playing around the stove, in the oven, dishwasher, fridge, sink. That thing is amazing! Really gets into corners, edges. Even cleaned the built-up dirt and grime off the plastic flap on the dog door. The one I have is the Shark portable Steam Pocket. It was $64.99 at Fred Meyers. I think it will be a great cleaning tool if I keep at it. It does take a little longer than spraying down a surface and wiping, but no chemicals seems the way to go. Plus it sanitizes. Great for mattresses, etc. you wouldn't think of doing on a regular basis. Hopefully it won't end up in the back of the closet with alot of other gadgets!

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