Sunday, January 18, 2015

Great Clean-Out/Up (or how I want 2015 to go)

DAY 3 of the GREAT CLEAN-OUT! Well, this morning saw me downstairs going thru the kitchenware shelves. Baking pans,Corningware, dutch ovens, old coffee makers, espresso makers, spatulas, serving utensils, Tupperware, platters, and various meat grinders and other small appliances. (still didn't find the jerky gun.) Brought the seed sprouter upstairs and started some sprouts for the chickens. Found the silverware pieces I was missing for Christmas, plus the turkey baster. I thought about getting started in the craft room, but it's way too overwhelming without some storage bins for fabrics and the like. We were supposed to go get some this morning but Hubby forgot his meds last night so under the weather today. Will try tomorrow. So instead I headed into our closet. Well, I am now the proud owner of 86 empty hangers. That's right. I am getting rid of 86 shirts! Either don't fit quite right, don't like, or have nothing to go with them. I'm at the age where I don't want to walk around sucking my tummy in. I want to be comfortable. Wonder if I can sneak Hubby's ratty undies and tshirts away without him noticing? Probably not so I'm off to work on the sock drawer. Toodles!

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